Producer of ready made healthcare and office furniture and components.

About us company information

Keystone Projectfurniture Kft. is a production and trading company based in Hungary. Our goal has always been to create a technically correct desing together with functionality and to develop flexible solutions and maintain a high quality.

Today design is an important element of the characteristic of our furniture. The contract market has high demands on delivery precision, quality and design, so we keep on satisfying all of them, since we, at Keystone, are absolutely convinced that furniture with good design and functionality creates happiness in public or in private rooms which makes the workers achieve better results in their working methods.

Our main area is the production and sales of healthcare and office furniture and their components. All the materials and solutions used on the products fit to the sometimes extreme usage in the different areas.

The basic material of our chairs, armchairs and sofas is beech and oak solid wood (FSC certified). Our seating furniture are also available with customer's fabrics and colours, according to the requested finish.

The table tops are produced by using of plywood and HPL surfaces or of laminated materials (Egger, Falco).

The cabinets are made of laminated materials, while the beds are mainly produced of plywood. We always use polyurethan lacquery and water based stains on our products.

Beside the ready made items Keystone can produce products according to customer's designs, complete or in parts as well, using laminated, moulded parts where necessary.

We do believe that quality will never go out of fashion.